10 Emotional triggers that men respond to

All marketing messages have emotional triggers, some more overt than others. There are a number of emotional triggers that men respond to which can make all the difference in your level of profits.

For those who say, “Hang on, men are logical, practical shoppers who want to find real solutions to their needs,” we say yes, that is true, but as with women shoppers, men also validate their choice subconsciously with their emotions.

Once you identify the target audience for your marketing messages, you need to consider which emotional triggers you can connect to those messages. Here are ten common emotional triggers that you can tie into your marketing messages to make the sale.


Instant Gratification

Men are generally pretty competitive, so they try to keep up with friends, colleagues, and “the Joneses.” Rolex watches practically sell themselves because they are a symbol of having “made it,” even if no one ever sees it on his wrist because it is under his shirt cuff.

Men buy due to needs. Words like “now” and “today” will trigger their response to buy right away.

Time Pressures

We are all busier than ever in spite of our gadget, but want to balance work with fun. Items that promise to cut the time it takes to do something will be just what a man is looking for.


Fear can be used in a wide variety of marketing messages. Insurance companies use fear when they say, “Don’t get caught with too little insurance,” and investment companies when they ask, “Will you have enough when you retire?”


Value is not really about price, but about getting a good deal on something that really works and will make your life better. Price match offers play on this.


This is a hot topic in online marketing. Social media has created an atmosphere in which people feel they can “know” a brand and trust it. Guarantees, warranties and no hidden fees are all good buzzwords to use in your copy, but you have to fulfill your promises as well.


Consumers are easily affected by messages that trigger emotions of guilt. Just think of the ASPCA / RSPCA ads full of cute puppies and you will get the idea.


This makes them feel cool and hip. This also appeals to leadership and belonging.


Men are early adopters of technology, especially Millennial men. “Be the first to…” is a powerful message.


No one really wants to be alone. Many marketers therefore create the impression that they are part of a group, such as a sports team or a family.

Appeal to these emotions and see what a difference it can make in your marketing. So far, we’ve covered a number of ways to market to men successfully. Next time, we’re going to

focus on four common mistakes made when marketing to men, to save you making these yourself.

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