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April 2019 Updates.

1. Banner Ad Review Underway. All banner ads not shown properly will be returned to member. Please re-submit once updated & confirmed in browse banner as showing correctly. If your banner fails to show correctly. You can use Secure Banner Hosting to grab a link for your banner. This will then show correctly with the (https:) By undertaking this clean-up, there will be more banners showing correctly, which will increase the ctr for all of our advertisers

2. I have increased number of banners & text links shown on the view ads for credits page. Less page clicking for viewers, more ads shown for advertisers. Win Win for all.

3. Bouncing Emails. As part of your membership, you agreed to receive Solo Ads (emails) from other members. There are a number of members email addresses shown as hard bounces. These members accounts have been set to Vacation Mode. Whilst in vacation mode, you will not earn credits or commissions. If you are one of these members, please update your registered email address in your account as soon as possible to ensure you receive all your membership benefits.

4. New payment processors coming soon.

5. New programs added to down-line builder. Please take a moment to check them out.

6. New email added to promotional materials

7. Advertising Database clean up underway. All Login Ads reviewed. All text only login ads deleted. All login ads should be an image and sized to 600px by 300px as per advertising guidelines.

8. Referral Contest On Now: Referral Contest
NEW Splash Pages Added. Find them under your Referral Tools.

9. BLOG Available Now. Find it at: List Mailer Pro – Members Blog

10. Daily Prize Draw. Click 20 Ads each day to be entered.

11. All commissions paid.

12. Secure Banner Hosting – added to Down-line Builder. Go add your details now.

13. Bonus Codes Updated.

  • welcome
  • bonusads
  • newownerbonusads
  • loginsuccess
  • surfads

14. Initial Site Updates Completed.

There is a massive amount of FREE Advertising being left on the table. Grab your codes. Set-up your ads.

Best Regards


27 March 2019

Quick Update Tonight

A Quick Summary:

Best Regards


25 March 2019

Thank you for your patience during the transition period.

Site Updates:

I have added a daily login competition to the website. Login each day and surf the set number of ads to be in with a chance of winning. (currently set to 10 ads per day)

Credits adjusted. 

I have tweaked the advertising credit values throughout the site.

Advertising choices:

I have increased the advertising choices on the website.

New advertising choices:

I have just completed the purchase of List Mailer Pro.

Please take the time to explore this website and place your adverts.

This is a chance to get your ads in front of over 750 new members. Join, advertise & promote to gain maximum eyes on your opportunities.

You can access List Mailer Pro from the following link:

Any active member of List Mailer Pro who joins LMP and emails me their usernames on both sites will be upgraded to the next level for Free.

Best Regards

CEO List Mailer Pro

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