Marketing to affluent men

Think high end products and locations. The one group who have money. Just make sure your customer service is up to scratch

In our last blog post on marketing to men, we looked at why it can be very lucrative to market to retired men, and very beneficial for their health and society as a whole. Despite there being more people over 50 than ever before, and life expectancy increasing all the time, the older age range is ignored a great deal of the time when it comes to marketing.

What little marketing there is often patronizes and demeans older people. American youth culture has persisted since the 60s, but those people are now in their 60s or older. Younger men just do not have the same level of discretionary income as an older, more successful man. And very few of them will be affluent in their 20s, with the exception of a few dot com millionaires.

Which brings us to our next group of men you might wish to market to, the affluent men.

Affluent men enjoy shopping, and will commonly spend large amounts of money on luxury brands they perceive as worth it, or worth owning because the item is considered to be a status symbol. Think Rolex, BMW, first class travel and regular reservations at the best restaurant in town, and you will get an idea of this man’s typical priorities.

If they have a partner, they will tend to give gifts like perfume and jewelry. If they have children, they will tend to want their children to have the best of everything.

They will be digitally savvy and own every high-end gadget. Think Sharper Image and you will get an idea of what they are willing to pamper themselves with.

They like to shop online, especially via their smartphones, and money is no object if they feel they need and want it. For very high-end purchases, they will be looking for lots of reliable, detailed information at their fingertips. Marketing material that gives both the features and benefits of an item, and takes any guesswork out of the purchase, will convert well. Think clear, no frills, no hype marketing.

Men will spend time on social media and get recommendations, then do their own fact finding. They will be influenced by the woman in their life if they have one, and the two will often work together on the research. When presented with choices, he will usually pick the first one that will do what he wants it to and then stop looking. So if your marketing materials are clear, you have a great chance to sell to the affluent man looking for real solutions and exclusivity.

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