Marketing to middle-aged men

How do you market girly products to men

In a previous blog post, we noted single men spend a lot of time on YouTube, with 35 to 44 years being one of the main user groups.

Middle-aged men, that is, those in their 40s and 50s, tend to be powerhouses of consumer spending. They have worked hard and are financially comfortable. They might be single or married, and married with kids.

Some of these men might still be focusing mainly on their career, while others are trying to juggle a work-life balance. These men shop efficiently for what they need, and will most commonly buy via their smartphones.

Some start to relax the pressure on themselves and will look for “me time” and self-improvement. The man in his 40s and 50s is too busy to waste time with anything less than high quality and high performing products, and will pay just about any price rather than haggle once they have done their research and are sure your solution will work.

Some men in this age group are single once more due to divorce. In this case they usually need items that help them live their best life and show their kids, if they have any, that they care. They will buy tickets for movies, sports and other live events. They will use technology and digital content to connect.

The Empty Nesters

Some will be empty nesters, downsizing their home because the kids are off to college and they wish to live in a more practical way without all the hassle of home ownership. Selling their house and moving to a more modest one or a condo frees up their time and cash so they can seek the better things in life.

As they get older and have more leisure time because their family is growing up or has already grown up, they become increasingly interested in leisure activities and new experiences. They will travel more, and often take specialized holidays such as golfing vacations.

Some will even be interested in starting their own business, most often in addition to their current job, but sometimes as a replacement for it. These men are generally tech savvy and will read reviews from reputable sites before buying.

They are concerned about their finances in relation to both their current situation and planning for eventual retirement. Some also become more interested in their health, either because of issues arising, or because life expectancy is on the rise, and they wish to live longer than their parents and have more options.

Marketing to men in their 40s and 50s can be profitable if you are prepared to do the research and target them with positive, proactive messages that suit their lifestyle and speak to their personal and professional needs.

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