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In the sequence of blog posts we are going to discuss how we market to men, we looked at marketing to Millennials – that is, those born in the 1980s to early 2000s. Part of that cohort will be men who are single.

Population trends have changed significantly in the past several decades. More than 50% of the US population is single, the highest number since the 1970s. The reasons are that they have a lot more choices and are less ready to settle down quickly. They are also looking for a “soulmate,” someone who is a good fit, rather than just settling for the sake of being with someone. In addition, there is now little stigma attached to not being married and living together.

Those who are truly single, with no significant other in their lives, might not miss having a close relationship because the connectivity of their lives through social media and so on also affects their attitudes, with the “Man Cave” a comfortable haven that many singletons are reluctant to share.

A study based on the 2011 census stated that, “singles spend significantly more per capita than married couples do on food, housing, apparel, and education.”

Are Single Men Good Shoppers?

Therefore, single male shoppers are a good slice of the current US market. They are influenced by any women they have in their lives, but they also tend to buy on a needs basis, not a wants one. This means they tend to want it fast and don’t shop around, comparison shop, or use coupons the way many single women do. They also don’t tend to use the word “bargain” as often as women.

Since many single men are not price-sensitive like women, just needs-driven, there are great opportunities to sell well if you can get your product in front of them – and it offers a real solution that works.

Single men tend to be career-oriented and have no time to waste on things that don’t work. Because they do not have a permanent partner, female or male, they are looking for convenience, especially when it comes to food and drink. They are willing to invest in themselves with education, both online and offline, digital content, and fun events they can enjoy during what leisure time they manage to get.

Men, Sport & Tech

They are often sports-oriented as well and will spend time with buddies enjoying live sporting events and perhaps even playing a sport themselves. They like a stylish car that shows their success and they are willing to get into debt on the car lease to secure what they want, and even to “one-up” their friends and neighbors.
Single men will make a wide number of tech purchases, such as software, smartphones, tablets and so on. They can be found on LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. The main YouTube age ranges for all users are 24 to 35 and 35 to 44. Tap into the passions of these single men, and watch your business grow.

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