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Advertising helps you to rent audience, but content marketing lets you build an audience.  In recent times, social media platforms have been gaining massive attention from marketers, and most even have started to consider email marketing as a historic form of marketing that no longer yields results. However, this can’t be any further from the truth. As a matter of fact, email marketing is still the number one way to personalise your communication with the target audience.  It all depends on the content of your emails.


If you fancy higher click rates then you need to be prepared to think outside the box.  In this post, we will run through few suggestions that will add immense value to your email content, but remember this is a work-in-progress list.

Take your content seriously

When someone has signed up to receive emails from you, they are irrefutably expecting more information on your subject. They have a strong need to suffice their curious mind.  Therefore, it is your primary job to feed them with the right details on the subject.  Provide them with a content that will engage them wholeheartedly.
Your content should be engaging, entertaining and informative.  Don’t make a mistake of going all flowery with the visuals.  Keep it simple, and always put your content before designs.

Let them know when to expect your emails

One of the most annoying habits that content marketers have is to send emails in people’s inboxes at random times and days.  You need to be very mindful of email schedules.  Let people know when to expect your email even before they subscribe to your emails.  For instance, let them know if you are sending emails on daily basis or fortnightly.

Employ a simple approach for your content.

Our marketing gurus have time and again recommended us to keep our strategies and marketing practices simple and easy to comprehend.  By all means, follow their advice.
If you want people to click your emails, try and keep the content of your email simple and straightforward.

Avoid all forms of distractions.

Make sure the website you own also have a good development and can link people to your work.  Website development is also a big concern because when people check your blog they don’t find the useful information and the email which you have linked with it goes unnoticed.

Have compelling images

A good image is the one that helps the readers to visualise your ideas.
Any image that you put in your email should do exactly that.
This way, you are helping your readers to engage in your content.
Visuals always catch attention, so make sure that the images you insert in your emails are not random stock images.

Don’t write in third person!

It aches my heart to see how some marketers write their content in third person;
little do they realise that writing emails in third person makes an email lack personality.  It is profoundly important to write an email as yourself in order to breach a connection between the reader and you.  Go ahead and attach your name and face to your content as it will help creating a bond of trust with your readers.  No reader would want to trust a faceless brand. Readers like identifying with and trusting a person.

Don’t force familiarity too soon

You could be in deep trouble if you start personalising your email with using a recipient’s name.  The whole idea of writing a personalised email to someone is to create a bond of trust between each other, and faking familiarity will not take you on the right road.

It is imperative to execute a personalisation email strategy in a meaningful manner.
It is a good idea to know little about someone prior to having someone’s name written in an email.  As, for instance, get to know the recipient’s history and needs and then address the email on their name.

Subject lines matter

Crafting an unprecedented subject line is a matter of great significance.
The number of characters of a subject line can either help you succeed or fail in getting a reader’s attention.  Subject lines of 70 characters and up are tested to be beneficial in engaging readers and clicking through the links of the content.
However, avoid subject line of 60 to 70 characters as they won’t give you enough click-through as per the study conducted by Adestra.

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