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jeffrey siewert

Hi I'm Jeff internet marketer for over three years. Married, no children and working in the casino industry eighteen years plus.
Glen Palo

Personal Blog
Hello! I am Glen Palo, just an old affiliate marketing hack. I have been doing this internet marketing thingy since 1996.

I have been scammed a few times. Also, have made a few bucks here and there. Well, actually quite a few bucks! Or else, why would I still be doing this?

Best of all, I enjoy working from home and helping others do the same.

Feel free to ask questions or comment. I love connecting!

To your success,

Personal Blog
Hi Fellow Marketer,
Peter Paterson here.
Poet, writer & online Marketer & site owner.
I enjoy baking, cooking & debating.
Pop me a message, always happy to chat.

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Dave Mosher

Owner of over 200 traffic sites, and several super solo networks.